Kylene LaBissoniere, one of our licensed RV Inspectors

certified RV Inspector

certified RV Technician

Kylene LaBissoniere

RV Inspections

Kylene LaBissoniere is ACE RV’s owner/operator. She’s personally been traveling with and using RVs for 20 years, in addition to her involvement in the RV industry. She loves the RV community and the freedom the lifestyle brings. Kylene is a perpetual student and enjoys continuing to immerse herself in the RV world. She’s seen how rewarding it is to help others enjoy their RVs, along with the memories they make during their travels.

Kylene decided to become an RV inspector, so that she could continue helping people. She’s also a registered RV technician and passionate about RV consulting, where she assists potential owners in developing their “must have” list when making a new purchase. She’s vested in the RV rental industry and runs an RV rental owners group on Facebook where she also offers coaching, supplemental rental agreements and other rental resource documents for sale.

Alan LaBissoniere

certified RV Inspector Alan LaBissoniere

RV Inspections

Alan has joined the ranks of certified RV inspectors to expand the positive impact of ACE RV!  He’s an RV enthusiast and has also been involved with all types of ATVs and towing through Search and Rescue for over 10 years.  He really enjoys helping educate and empower others in their own RV journey!

Alan is also a registered RV technician and is happy to offer annual maintenance work, such as air conditioning cleaning & winterizing as well as RV consulting and RV driving instruction!  If you need help learning how to hitch up, tow, back up, or drive, call Alan today to set up an RV driving appointment! Additionally, he is a licensed pest control operator, which gives him a unique skill set for dealing with RV rodent issues!

Both Kylene & Alan are certified RV inspectors and have earned certifications from RVTAA and NRVIA.

We are the ‘ace’ up your sleeve when it comes to buying an RV!

Aerial view of a motorhome taken by a drone flown by our licensed home inspectors

RV Industry Tools

ACE RV is well equipped to inspect and repair your RV, which is why these are just some of the tools they use in the course of their work:

Aerial Drone Photography

Who doesn’t love a better look at the bigger picture? With a premiere inspection, aerial drone photography and video can be included in your inspection and report.

360-Degree Camera

When you want to see everything around you, our 360-degree camera works great! This is also a great option for remote buyers who want a better idea of how it feels to be inside the RV.

Polarity Tester

Our polarity tester determines if the device in question is connected via the phase conductor.

Gas Leak Detector

Checking for gas leaks is an important part of inspecting the RV. We’ll use a manometer to check the pressure and look for leaks to report.


We can measure resistance, current, and voltage with our multimeter.

Snake/Scope Camera

With this camera, we are able to see voids or specific areas of concern that are not otherwise easily viewed! This can help us troubleshoot or diagnose a potential issue.

Bandit and Olive, corgi dogs belonging to our RV inspector

Kylene and Alan enjoy spending time with their family and dogs, especially when they’re traveling in their fifth wheel. They also enjoy taking courses and training on RV systems, along with planning trips and helping owners troubleshoot issues.